Ink to the People

From naming to logo creation to it’s initial website design and development, Becker Design was involved in all aspects of Ink to the People’s inception. The business model originally allowed users to design custom t-shirts, set their own price, and sell in the INK marketplace. The e-commerce website included a robust notification and communications system, along with a custom built design tool where users could create a design, post and sell it in one location. Since it’s beginning, INK has catered to many fundraising efforts.

One such stand-out was the now famous Boston Strong t-shirt campaign, which raised over $1,000,000 for One Fund Boston. When ask to reflect on what it meant to be involved during that time, Becker Design Principal, Neil Becker, said “INK has contributed to so many organizations and worthwhile causes. It’s a true pleasure when we get to work with do-gooders. Ink to the People and it’s founders Todd Richheimer and Jay Berman certainly fit the bill.”

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