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Living with Diabetes can prove challenging when trying to add treats to your eating program. Some Urban Culture Frozen Yogurt flavors can be a better choice for you. Check out our Facebook page for the latest flavors.

Our No-Sugar-Added Frozen Yogurt flavors have less sugar and are nonfat and have only 80 calories per 4 ounce serving. It is important to understand these frozen yogurt products do contain some naturally occurring sugars from milk and also fruit purees in some of the flavors. Consult with your dietician to see if Urban Culture No-Sugar-Added Frozen Yogurt would make a great snack or dessert for you.

You should always consult with your physician and/or dietician before adding new foods to your eating program or before starting a diet or exercise program. Check out our Health Benefits page for more nutritional facts.

Diabetes Management with Frozen Yogurt